This page is curated to be my current portfolio. The designs I have chosen are, I feel, a good representation of the type of work that I currently create.

I created the ‘dot. notepad’ to meet the needs that I have in a notepad. It is big enough to sketch on and small enough to fit in a back pocket and the staple binding means it lies perfectly flat which is ideal for working across two pages. It is recycled, there are no ugly lines just pleasing dots and the bright orange cover means you can find it quickly in the darkest depths of your bag.

‘Flash’ is a student-run literary journal based in Lancaster for which I designed the front covers for both issues that they produced this year.

‘101daysofposter’ is a personal project that I am currently undertaking during which I am creating a poster a day for 101 days and publishing them on my Instagram. This project is helping me learn and improve my design skills, experiment with my design process, and helping me become more confident about putting my designs into the public sphere. The text on this poster series is simply self written filler that is meant to show where text would lie.

Liminal, Vagina Monolancs, and Poetry Cafe are all based at Lancaster University and are groups that I have collaborated with to create posters. The imagery used in the liminal poster represents the intersectional nature of the group which is for students who are both LGBTQ+ and people of faith. The directors of Vagina Monolancs wanted a series of minimalistic posters so I designed one poster to raise the group’s profile; one encouraging students to consider their personal experiences with their vaginas; and one to highlight the issue of sexual assault on university campuses.

dot page 2.jpg
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day 17.jpg
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liminal poster 1.jpg
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