Alex Carey

Designer of things, maker of items, and an all around doer of stuff.


I’m Alex Carey. Designer and Doer based in Manchester (MCR), UK.

Communication lies at the heart of my design language. Utilising typography and layout I collaborate with businesses, publishers, non-profits, and individuals to create print and digital media that expresses, through narrative design, their unique stories.

I do have a university education as both an undergraduate and postgraduate, but the lessons I value the most have come from experience, books (and the internet).

My design portfolio currently includes; layout, posters, booklets, journals, and bespoke typeface design. But this is subject to change depending on where my creativity leads me.

Check out my social media for examples of my personal projects.


I am extremely protective of my time and try and spend as little time as possible on things that are not creative or personal projects. If you want to get in touch then send me a message but please read the following guidelines first.

1/ If you want to contact me about my previous work or in a personal or social capacity, please do so via social media.

2/ Please keep any emails concise and on topic.

3/ Please start your message with the reason you are contacting me. Introductions and bio’s come last.

4/ Please be patient in your expectations for a reply. My email timeframe may differ from yours but I will get back to you.